M1A1 Patton's Light Tank (1/72 & 1/48)


The M2 Combat car was the last model built before infantry and cavalry tank units merged in  Armored forces in summer 1940. After this the M2 was redesignated as M1A1 Light Tank. A total of  34 vehicles were built by Rock Island Arsenal between 1938 and 1939 and served as training  vehicles until 1942. They differs from previous models for an improved turret, the adoption of a Guiberson T1020 Model air-cooled diesel radial engine ( instead of the common continental ), and for the new trailing rear idler wheel that, with an increased ground contact, reduced vehicle's ground pressure.

The standard crew of the vehicle was of 4 members and the armament consisted of 4 machine guns. A .50 caliber machine gun on a M15 mount and a .30 mg on a M18 mount were installed on the 360° turret. Other two .30 machine guns were installed respectively on a M13 ball mount for the bow gunner and on a M20 anti-aircraft bracket, at the rear of the turret.

The model represents the M1A1 Light tank used by Major General George S. Patton Jr. during the Tennessee maneuvers in summer 1941. The four colored turret bands represented the 2nd Armored Division combat regiments under his command. The kit provide also two front flags ( 2nd Armored  Division and Major General two stars insignia ) and a scale Patton figure.

Paper Model Details:
Approximately 63 parts per scale; total PDF size: seven pages. 10 construction diagrams and historical note. Scale Patton figure included!  One-piece tracks, boxed wheels and bogies, layered details. Edge-glued hull and turret parts.  Degree of Difficulty: 4/5.