M2A1 Light Tank (1/72 & 1/48)


In 1938, after four years of tests and developments, the Light Tank T2E1 was standardized as the Light Tank M2A1 and nine "production" vehicles were built. While considered obsolete by 1940 it's new T2 suspension system set the bases for future world war two light tanks. The armament consisted of two caliber .30 and caliber .50 machine guns mounted coaxially in a round shaped turret. Another caliber .30 machine gun was placed in a ball mount at the right front hull and some vehicles were field fitted with an anti-aircraft mg near the cupola on the turret. The whole tank weighed 18,710 pounds and with his seven-cylinder Continental radial engine could reach 45 mph on roads and 20 mph on rough terrain. Although it's small size the standard crew consisted of four man; a driver, two gunners and the Commander.