Type-15 Shuttlepod (1/72 & 1/48)


The Type 15 shuttlepod was a Federation shuttlepod carried by Starfleet vessels, a small version of Starfleet's larger shuttlecraft. It entered service prior to 2365.
Type 15 shuttlepods were equipped with two long range impulse driver engines but did not have warp capability. The normal flight crew was two pilots, although the shuttle could easily be operated by a single person. Some configurations even included only a single pilot seat. The ship also had a small cargo space, which could be used for carrying supplies. The cargo area was loaded and accessed through a hatch in the back of the craft. The type 15 was not normally outfitted to carry passengers, but in some configurations a bench was located in the cargo area for an additional passenger. In this configuration, the cargo hatch included a round emergency egress point, which could be blown away by explosive charges.

The kit includes an optional interior and seven different models to build: six from USS Enterprise-D (El-Baz, Ley, Pike, Onizuka, Voltaire and Campbell) and one from USS Aries (Cousteau). Also it is available in two scales (1/72 and 1/48).