Vickers Medium Mark II*/II** Tank (1/72 & 1/48)


The Vickers Medium Mark II, first delivered in 1925 to the British army, featured several improvements over the original Mark I: a raised driver's cockpit, an improved suspension protected by armour skirts and Rackham clutches, providing a primitive form of mechanical servo-control. Due to a slightly higher weight its rated speed was somewhat slower than that of the Medium Mark I, at 13 mph compared to 15 mph. Armament consisted of a QF 3-pounder (47 mm) main gun and four 0.303 (7.7 mm) Hotchkiss M1914 machine guns. One hundred of the base model were builded before new improvements.

Mark II* (Fifty-six builded): the Hotchkiss machine guns were removed and replaced with three 0.303 (7.7mm) Vickers (one coaxial), and the commander's cupola was shifted back.

Mark II**: Designed in 1932 with the addition of a wireless set in an armoured container at the back of the turret. The weight rose to 13.5 short tons.

Markings for:
A: Mark II* - British Army.  Ordered on the 5th of January 1926.  After its official period of service it was employed as a training tank at Bovington in the early  years of the Second World War. Actually it is conserved and exposed at the Bovington Tank  Museum in Dorset, UK.
B: Mark II** - Australian Army. This tank was converted to desert operations by adding air filters protections and ventilating systems. It was used by 7th Australian Division at Tobruk in June, 1942.