M1 Armored Car (1/72 & 1/48)


In 1931 James Cunningham build two prototypes of armored cars designed T4. After trial tests at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the vehicle was redesignated M1 Armored Car and builded at Ordnance Dept. until march 1938 ( for a total of 20 ). The M1 drove on the two rear axles, had two spare wheels that could assist in crossing humps, and was track-or-wheel convertible. The engine was a 133Hp V8 that could drive the weight of 9.800 pounds at 55mph on road. The armament consisted of a .50 and a .30 caliber machine guns in a 360° traverse turret, and an aerial .50 mg . The model depicts an M1 from Troop A, 1st Cavalry at Fort Knox, Kentucky during 1938.