T1E1 Light Tank (1/72 & 1/48)


The Cunningham tank, known officially as Light Tank T1, was designed in 1926 from the experiences of WWI 1917A1 models. In 1927 some improvements, such as fuel tanks above the rear track and a 37mm cannon, lead to the T1E1 version. It was powered by a 110 horsepower 441.8 cubic inch V-8 that enabled it to achieve 14 miles per hour cross-country and around 17 on hard roads. The turret was positioned at the rear of the hull which allowed for easy access by the crew, and created a relatively spacious crew compartment. In 1928 was approved the standardization as Light Tank M1 and the first four builded were sent to the 4th Tank Company at Fort Meade, Maryland.